ProteiStyl' Photo/Video Gallery Plugin for krpano.

by Maël Bathfield


Version History


v2.3.3: (October 1st 2023)


Ø  Bug fix: thumbs in the scroll galery cannot be activated with the last version of krpano.


Ø  Bug fix: update of 'border', 'shadow' and 'textshadow' in textfield elements in order to avoid warnings in console with the last version of krpano.


Ø  Change of Vimeo video in the demo version.



v2.3.2: (July 17th 2021)


Ø  Bug fix: the setting “preload_images=true” could block the opening of the gallery in some particular cases.


Ø  Bug fix: the setting “preload_images_scroll=false” behaved as “preload_images_scroll=gradual” when “gallery_mode=scroll”.


Ø  Various bug fixes in THE EDITOR.


Ø  NOTE: the droplet of the plugin does not work anymore with krpanoTools v.1.20.9 but you can still use it with krpanoTools v.1.20.8 (and nevertheless use krpanoTools v.1.20.9 only for generating the virtual tour).



v2.3.1: (September 27th 2020)


Ø  Adding special files for PanoTourPro user.



v2.3.0: (August 25th 2020)


Ø  New gallery attribute “fn_thumbs” to display a carousel of squared thumbs in the top of the scroll gallery. Default setting is false for gallery_mode=”complete” and gallery_mode=”grid”; Default setting is true for gallery_mode=”scroll”.

Additional attributes: “thumbs_scale=1” to modify the size of the thumbs, “thumbs_autohide=true” to automatically reduce the alpha of the carousel (only on desktop device).

Corresponding new buttons ADDED IN THE EDITOR.


Ø  New <mls … />  nodes for multi-language support of gallery titles and of image titles (short_title et secondary_title): see syntax in the code of updated demo.


Ø  Multi-language management in the EDITOR: replacement of the button ‘Force language’ by the new button ‘Multi-language’. Addition of mini-buttons displaying language codes to easily change/check texts in the different languages configured.


Ø  New gallery attribute “info” in order to display complementary information about the gallery; Compatible with the new <mls … />  nodes. An icon ‘info’ appears on the left top when this attribute exists.


Ø  The EDITOR use now FileSaver.js to save config. in xml files (instead of copying the config. into the clipboard).

When saving an xml file, the code <include url="name_of_the_saved_file.xml" /> is also copied into the clipboard in order to be easily pasted in the xml of the tour.


Ø  Most of the encrypted xml files are now merged into 1 main file (start.xml); other old files (which are now almost empty) remain only for retro-compatibility with old project.


Ø  Removing of the button ‘Activate Files Check’ in the EDITOR


Ø  Plugin preparation/Code modification for future compatibility with another plugin under development. 


Ø  Bug fix: Google fonts that contain a space in their name were no longer displayed correctly.


Ø  Others minors bugs fixes.




v2.2.2: (July 19th 2020)


Ø  Bug fix: resizing of grid galleries does not occur if preloading of images is activated and if browser window is resized before opening the gallery. 


Ø  Others minors bugs fixes.



v2.2.1: (July 7th 2020)


Ø  Improvement of the local video player (to be similar to the Youtube player):

§  The icons ‘play’ and ‘pause’ were reversed

§  Add of fullscreen icon / Possibility to enter fullscreen mode for the video only.


Ø  Left and right buttons are more vertically centered in the scroll gallery.


Ø  In the scroll gallery, slight transparency of the low resolution images (displayed during the loading of large res. images) was removed.


Ø  On desktop, you can quit the zoom mode by zooming out at max level (with mouse wheel or with keyboard key “-“)


Ø  Bug fix: when zoom function is activated, it is possible again to pinch in and pinch out to zoom in and out when viewing photos on mobile devices.

§  In addition to having to click on the image to enter zoom mode, you can also pinch in it now.

§  In addition to having to click on the return button to quit the zoom mode, you can also  pinch out the zoomed image.


Ø  Others minors bugs fixes.



v2.2.0: (June 30th 2020)


Ø  Use now the new pp_blur.js script (updated krpano license needed: see


Ø  Improved compatibility with krpano v1.20.7.


Ø  Various major bugs fixes.


Ø  Others minors bugs fixes.



v2.1.2: (June 25th 2020)


Ø  Bug fix: the droplets were not working with the last version of krpanotools.


Ø  Bug fix: single resolution panoramas blocked the plugin (license error).


Ø  Bug fix: Plugin blocked (license error) for VR tour made with krpano v1.20.7.



v2.1.1: (Nov. 5th 2019)


Ø  Re-design of the rotating loaders.


Ø  Bug fix: Within the EDITOR, the generated xml code was wrong.


Ø  Other minor bugs fixed.




v2.1.0: (Nov. 1st 2019)


Ø  Automatic google font requests. These requests can be deactivated by adding ‘<pspg_settings.google_font=”false”>.

§  the ‘copy html code’ button in the EDITOR is useful only if automatic requests is deactivated.

§  in debug mode, the list of requested fonts is displayed in the console.


Ø  In the EDITOR, you can now choose another Google Font with ‘=> Choose another font…’ in the combobox: it opens the Google font web page, then copy name of a font in the new dialog box (and it automatically performs the corresponding google font request).


Ø  Adding new styles/colors for interface buttons: white_glow, black_shadow, gray, gray_shadow, gray_glow.


Ø  When using the EDITOR, if the opening scene of the tour does not contain any gallery, the first next scene containing a gallery is (re)loaded instead. Also, the loading of a scene which does not contain any gallery involves automatically the loading of the next scene (and it stops when there is a scene with a gallery).


Ø  Automatic deactivation of the thumb of the current scene to avoid to reload the same scene (that can induce a freezing of the galleries of the scene!).

§  This deactivation can be skipped by adding ‘<pspg_settings.disable_current_thumb=”false”>.

§  REPLACE the behavior of previous versions of the plugin: clicking in the thumb of the current scene switched to the next scene (in order to avoid problems with the galleries)… but this could possibly wrongly interacts with other plugins! So, it was REMOVED.

§  If the ‘layer name’ of the thumbs of your skin is not ‘skin_thumb_X’ (where X is the scene index; this is the default name in ‘vtourskin.xml’ from krpano), you can define your thumb name with ‘<pspg_settings.thumb_name=”my_thumb_name”>’ (but it still assumes that your full thumb name is ‘my_thumb_nameX’).


Ø  New PSPG_EDITOR.html file (it uses an iframe for an easier use/installation of the EDITOR).


Ø  Automatically hide all visible hotspots before opening a gallery (and restore them when closing).


Ø  All relative path are relative the viewer .js (i.e. the placeholder %VIEWER% is systematically used in the plugin).

§  ONLY IMAGES PATHS (and music and local video paths) ARE RELATIVE TO THE FIRST XML defining the content of the tour.

§  Permit to use only krpano.js file and only one ‘pspg_gallery_data’ folder for several tour.


Ø  Adding German translation in languages.xml for multi-language support.


Ø  Bug fix: error message when opening a scene without any gallery from a scene containing a gallery.


Ø  Bug fix: sound interface was not loaded if there was only the attribute ‘music_file’ (i.e. if there was not the attribute ‘music_title’ or ‘music_artist’ also).


Ø  Bug fix: when zoom function is activated, the zoom icon could wrongly appears/disappears for some images after resizing the display windows.


Ø  Bug fix: the value of the ‘gallery_mode’ attribute was not taken in account when coming back to an already visited scene or when using the EDITOR.


Ø  Bug fix: when creating a new set of default settings (with the help of the EDITOR), some attributes (concerning colors and opacity) were not correctly taken into account.


Ø  Bug fix: Within the EDITOR, the reloading process reloaded always the first scene of the xml even if the tour begun with another scene.


Ø  Other minor bugs fixed.


Ø  Documentation updated.



v2.0.0: (Oct. 4th 2019)


Ø  New droplet .bat (v2) for windows system only (easier and best control of size and jpg compression for the generated images: click on the droplet and modify values after ‘-jpegquality=’ and ‘-resize=’) [the .app v1 for mac can still be used].


Ø  Completely different files structure of the plugin, i.e. one xml file for each function of the plugin:

§  Only xml files needed for the functions chosen by the user will be loaded (see p.9 of the updated doc).


§  The editable xml files are located in the folder ‘pspg_gallery data’. Non-editable (encrypted) xml files are all located in the folder ‘xmlcrypt’. The folders ‘png’ and ‘js’ contain respectively png image files and additional JavaScript files used by the plugin.


Ø  Change in the loading of the EDITOR with an automatic process for loading of the needed xml files.


Ø  All the gallery attributes are available in the EDITOR.


Ø  Support of some Google fonts in the EDITOR. Choose your preferred font, then click on the ‘copy html code’ button (and paste it in the html file of your tour).


Ø  Adding of 4 different appearances for the interface buttons; it is defined by the new attribute ‘style_color’: white_shadow / white / black_glow / black.


Ø  Adding of multi-language support (see p.11 of the updated doc).


Ø  Automatic resizing of interface buttons according to windows display size; the attribute 'button_scale' is removed (but replaced by a new global parameter ‘pspg_settings. buttonscale_offset’) (see p.21 of the updated doc).


Ø  New value ‘all’ for the gallery attribute ‘preload_images’ (see p.13 of the updated doc).


Ø  The attribute ‘display_preload’ is replaced by the new attribute ‘display_loader’ (see p.24 of the updated doc).


Ø  New gallery attribute ‘folder’ in order to be able to organize images in different folders (within the default folder defined, e.g. img/) in case of several galleries.


Ø  New gallery attribute ‘row_max’ in order to limit the number of rows of the grid gallery (default value is 6; only effective when fixed_length=true). (ADDED IN THE EDITOR)


Ø  New global parameter ‘pspg_settings.zoom_min’ (default value is 80) in order to customize the display of the zoom button/function: you can zoom into the image only if it is displayed at less than 80% of its original size (see p.21 of the updated doc).


Ø  Changes in zoom function: adding of borders with the new global parameter ‘pspg_settings.zoom_borders_size’ (default value is 5; set to 0 to not display borders; color and opacity are defined by the values of the attribute ‘bottom_title_bgcolor’ and ‘bottom_title_bgopacity’). Click on borders (or on the back button) to come back to gallery [clicking on the zoomed image does not come back to gallery anymore].


Ø  New gallery attribute ‘bottom_title_symbol’ to customize the separator between the short title and the second title in the scroll gallery. (ADDED IN THE EDITOR)


Ø  Interface buttons are not displayed anymore during slideshow.


Ø  Default value for the attribute ‘skipfilecheck’ is now true (it can be changed in the EDITOR with the button ‘Activate Files Check’) (see p.24 of the updated doc).


Ø  Better displaying performance (in particular on mobile devices).


Ø  Easy way to change default settings for the gallery attributes (see p.11 of the updated doc): it replaces the old possibility to define gallery attributes as global parameter.


Ø  Compatibility checked with the new version of krpano 1.20.


Ø  Bug fix: overlapping of the bottom title and the image in the scroll gallery in some cases (in particular with mobile devices).


Ø  Bug fix: wrong resizing of image borders in the scroll gallery when border_type_scroll=relative AND when the image size was lower than the windows size.


Ø  Other minor bugs fixed.


Ø  Documentation updated.




v1.4.0: (June 4th 2019)


Ø  Text Input implemented in order to be able to change the titles within the EDITOR / New button 'Text Mode' in the EDITOR.


Ø  New attributes 'Gtitle_style', 'image_title_style', 'bottom_title_style' and 'numbers_style' to change style of the corresponding text (possible values: normal, italic, bold, italic-bold) (ADDED IN THE EDITOR)


Ø  New attribute 'button_scale' in order to be able to change the size of the interface button. (ADDED IN THE EDITOR)


Ø  Modification of the files 'pspg_buttons.png' and 'gallery_play_animation.png' (for a better resolution).


Ø  Changes in the EDITOR:

·       the attribute 'display_FSbutton' is added.

·       the loading attributes (keep, preload_images, preload_images_scroll, display_preload, skipfilecheck) are added.

·       the video attributes (video_Hmax, autoplay) are added.   

·       new button 'Copy All Config.': it generates an xml configuration code with all the attributes, even if attribute value is the default one. 

·       new button 'SKIP music file' to skip music configuration when generating the xml (if the attribute 'music_file' exists in the initial xml).

·       the attribute 'music_icon' is added.

·       text input implemented for the values of the sliders.  

·       shift in the location of some buttons.


Ø  Change in the DROPLET: the template file 'pspg_img.xml' includes now some global pspg_settings, the two optional actions 'enter_pspg_personalized_actions' and 'exit_pspg_personalized_actions', and a default gallery button.


Ø  Bug fix: in particular cases, resizing of the gallery did not happen when switching fullscreen.


Ø  Other minor bugs fixed.


Ø  Documentation updated.




v1.3.3: (January 25th 2019)


Ø  Bug fix: the sound interface of the plugin could interfere with another sound interface already set.


Ø  New attribute 'music_icon': set it to false to play sound/music without showing the speaker icon.


Ø  Add the possibility to deactivate sound management of the plugin with <pspg_settings sound_interface="false" /> (to be sure to avoid any conflict with another sound management).


Ø  Documentation updated about guidelines to mix sound management of the plugin with another sound management.




v1.3.2: (December 28th 2018)


Ø  Fix all bugs in the EDITOR inadvertently induced from changes in versions 1.2.0, 1.3.0, 1.3.1.


Ø  Other minor bugs fixed.


Ø  Documentation updated.




v1.3.1: (December 20th 2018)


Ø  New attribute 'display_FSbutton', set it to "false" in order to not display the Fullscreen button (default value is "true", it does not yet be added in the EDITOR).


Ø  Color of numbers (in the scroll gallery) is not always white anymore, but it is the same than the one set for the bottom title (attribute 'bottom_title_color').


Ø  Change in images load time-out process (see updated documentation in page 12).


Ø  Bug fix: images were not loaded if static url was used to load .js and .xml files in the html code.


Ø  Bug fix: attribute display_closebutton="false" was skipped if attribute no_zoom="true".


Ø  Bug fix in EDITOR: the attributes 'music_file', 'music_title', 'music_artist' were wrongly added in the generated xml code.


Ø  Other minor bugs fixed.


Ø  Documentation updated.




v1.3.0: (December 12th 2018)


Ø  Add music SUPPORT.


  ð New attributes: music_file, music_title, music_artist.


Ø  Add gradual preloading of thumbnails images (in the grid gallery) when preload_images="false"


  ð Default value for attribute 'preload_images' is now false.


Ø  The file 'pspg_video_support.xml' is not automatically loaded anymore.


  ð Add the line <include url="%FIRSTXML%/pspg_gallery_data/pspg_video_support.xml" /> in your main xml if there is at least 1 video in a gallery.


  ð Error message if video is detected and this line is missing.


Ø  New global parameter to specify path of 'local' video files: 'pspg_settings.video_path' (default value ="video/").


Ø  Minor bugs fixed.


Ø  Documentation updated.




v1.2.0: (December 4th 2018)




Ø  Add gradual preloading of large images (in the scroll gallery).


Ø  Add Keyboard controls.


Ø  Add zorder setting ( <pspg_settings zorder="10"/> ).


Ø  Add new attribute 'spacing_scroll' for the scroll gallery (set space between images).


Ø  All displayed text messages are now defined in the file 'pspg_gallery_style.xml'.


Ø  Attribute 'masklogo' removed: a branding free license will now automatically mask the logo.


Ø  Change within the VIEWER: thumbnails images are used as preview of larger images also in 'scroll mode only' (gallery_mode="scroll").


Ø  Change within the EDITOR: button 'Display Grid' renamed with 'Crop Mode'.


Ø  Change within the EDITOR: the generated xml code will now contain only attributes with values different than the default ones.


Ø  Bug fix: the EDITOR did not load in case of single panorama (without scene) if the main xml was not named 'pano.xml'.


Ø  Bug fix: some attributes defined as global parameters (in <pspg_settings .... /> ) were not take into account.


Ø  Other minor bugs fixed.


Ø  Documentation updated.




v1.1.0: (November 14th 2018)


Ø  Possibility to display (or not) the close button in the 'scroll gallery' / Addition of the attribute 'display_closebutton'.


Ø  In the 'grid gallery', new possibility to individually modify the cropping area for each image (new attributes 'crop_x'/'crop_y' in <img /> elements).


Ø  The xml code generated by the editor provides now also all the attributes for images (<img /> elements).


Ø  Minor bugs fixed.


Ø  Documentation updated.




v1.0.1: (July 15th 2018)


Ø  2 minor bugs fixed.




v1.0: (June 25th 2018)


Ø  Compatibility with virtual tours generated by PANOTOUR PRO (tested with versions V.2.5.9 and V.2.5.11).


Ø  DROPLET 'MAKE IMAGES for ProteiStyl Gallery' (.bat for Windows , .app for Mac) to generate the needed 4 sizes of images and a part of the xml code (the other part being generated by the EDITOR).


Ø  Addition of a zooming possibility (when resolution of images is large enough). 2 new attributes:  'rel_zoomfactor' to set the relative zoom factor when entering in the zoom window; 'no_zoom' to disabled zooming if necessary.


Ø  Automatic stopping of autorotation of panorama when entering a gallery (automatic restoration of the initial state when exiting).


Ø  Possibility to overwrite default value of any gallery attributes by setting new value as global parameter in <pspg_settings name_of_gallery_attribute="new_default_value"/>


Ø  Major changes in helping message; new global setting <pspg_settings  help_duration="5" />.


Ø  New design for the interface buttons + circular moving loader.


Ø  Add of a line 'About the ProteiStyl' Photo Gallery plugin' in the contextual menu.


Ø  Branding Free License management (masks logo and removes line in the contextual menu).


Ø  Flash fallback removed.


Ø  Bug fix: smaller images were not loaded if extension is in upper case.


Ø  Bug fix: wrong gallery resizing on exit fullscreen.


Ø  Other minor bug fix.




beta5: (May 30th 2018)


Ø  The scroll gallery uses temporarily the smaller images (previously downloaded for the grid gallery) before the normal largest images were downloaded.


Ø  Add .png and .gif images support.


Ø  A loading time-out was added (in case of download failure or file corruption). New global parameter to set the time-out : <pspg_settings load_timeout="20"/>. After the loading time-out, images which are not displayed yet are replaced by an error message.


Ø  Use also email to tie plugin license to the krpano license.


Ø  Change in the scrolling behavior for the scroll gallery on mobile devices.


Ø  Change of default color background of gallery (light gray 0xCCCCCC).


Ø  Updated documentation (in particular with points 3- and 5- (previously forgotten!!) in section 'Syntax / XML Usage Example').


Ø  Bug fix: message 'Loading Images' (defined by pspg_settings.loading_text, see below) did not disappear when some images were missing and/or if there is some download failure (fixed by loading time-out).


Ø  Bug fix: updates of galleries were sometimes wrong when changing windows size (in particular changing orientation on mobile phones).


Ø  Bug fix: the font size of images titles was sometimes not consistent.




beta4: (May 24th 2018)


Ø  The xml code generated by the EDITOR is directly copied into the clipboard.


Ø  JS actions to interact with galleries successfully tested (see last section).


Ø  Changes in license management (plugin license is tied to the krpano license).



beta3: (May 23rd 2018)


Ø  The EDITOR is fully operative also for the scroll gallery.


Ø  Preloading processes for grid gallery and scroll gallery can be independently disabled (new 'preload_image_scroll' attribute).


Ø  Progressive loading of images of the scroll gallery when preload_image_scroll="false".


Ø  <keep_gallery> element replaced by a new 'keep' attribute.


Ø  New 'numbers_opacity' attribute for defining image numbers opacity (in the scroll gallery) independently of the one of the image titles.


Ø  New possibility to open automatically a gallery when opening a scene (for integration of a gallery as a scene in the virtual tour).


Ø  Bug fix: Preloading processes occur only once per gallery (even after scene change).


Ø  Bug fix: no message 'ERROR: style not found: pspg_FS_button’ anymore on mobile devices with no fullscreen support.




beta2: (May 15th 2018)


Ø  Optimized/faster preloading process.


Ø  Galleries can be open before the end of the images preloading process.


Ø  The images preloading process can be disabled (new 'preload_images' attribute).




beta1: (May 10th 2018)


first release