Interactive Chrono-Panorama with krpano

This is a simplified version of the origininal chrono-panorama visible here.

It was created by MaŽl Bathfield using krpano flash player, DOWNLOAD THE XML CODE HERE or THE FULL EXAMPLE THERE (right-click and 'Save to...').

Actually, it's based on the Example/Tutorial - interactive area in the pano (aligned distorted hotspot) - to make the proper hotspots.

I am not a professional programmer neither a professional photographer (even if I make occasionally money with this very secondary activity), and I made this code as a hobby.
Theoretically, my main activity is to make research in polymer chemistry, but in practice and for personnal reasons, I'am currently (march 2011) unemployed for more than 2 years (=> I can sometimes spend quite a lot of timetime with hobby!).
So, I share this code with the pano-photographer community with pleasure, but if you use it in a commercial project... feel free to think to me ;-)

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